Our ingredients for our entire chocolate repertoire is as follows:

cacao – wild, jungle-harvested, certified organic, from northwest Ecuador. the trees we source from are only known by the natives of the area who know the trees and the lands well. The people we work with are not just foragers but caretakers of the lands they harvest from. Only mature cacao pods from healthy trees are harvested, and what is taken is all that is needed. It is known that even taking too much can be detrimental to the health of these heirloom trees as the trees also depend on the decomposing fruit on the ground to understand themselves. the people who process our cacao are known to sing blessings into the beans as well. The utmost awareness and respect is what we proliferate when even considering this cacao source. not to mention the flavor! without our source of cacao the rest of this list would be of no relevance to us.

coconut – coconut is an amazingly abundant resource of nature. as a vigorous grass it can grow being fed ocean water naturally and needs no tending to. Along with the natural ease in which mother nature gives us this fruit, there are so many healthy benefits to coconut. As a functional ingredient this is what we would say we use in place of where a normal chocolatier may use dairy products. currently we use the best sources available to us which are mexico and philippines.

banana – heirloom red orito bananas are the kind we use. sourced by the same people we work with to harvest our cacao. native of ecuador, this fruit has a spectrum of great tropical flavor much more interesting and tempered compared to the cavendish bananas we are used to in the grocery store.

maca – a cruciferous root vegetable grown in the andes mountains of Peru, It is used as a strength, stamina, and libido enhancer. Another ingredient we source where the quality we use is superior and The butterscotch flavor shows in spades.

lucuma – an egg shaped fruit grown in Peru, The fruit is low in sugars and high in butterscotch flavors, nutrients, and fiber, making it a great addition when going for that graham cracker flavor. Again here, we use a lucuma that is of superior quality and the flavor is a testament to the organic treatment this receives.

mesquite – the mesquite pod, the fruit of the mesquite tree is a nutrient dense, woodsy fruit that provides a great accent to that graham crackery flavor when mixed with maca and lucuma. Our source is peruvian and organic.

coffee – we collaborate with our local coffee roasters, Lord Windsor Roasters, to acquire our coffee, which we stone grind into our blends. The coffee is always different and always the highest quality selection, light roast.

honey – our honey selection has always been changing for the last few years. we are always looking for great local organic sources and pick up gallons here and there to keep our supplies looking and tasting good.

ginger – great digestive herb. we love the flavor, the mild heat, and the tonifying effects. always organic and fair trade.

cinnamon – another great digestive spice with beautifully sweet and complex flavor. ceylon cinnamon only. always organic and always fair trade.

cardamom – just the seeds inside the pods. fortifying to our bodies and the most amazing aromatic and pungent flavor profile.

black pepper – a fortifying and digestive spice. builds bone health and keeps the blood percolating.

clove – we have to be careful with this one. a little too much will make your tongue go numb. just the right amount and you’re in flavor country. another medicinal spice with great flavor.

reishi – the queen of the tonic herbs. this shen (spirit) cleanser will set you on your path to greatness whether you care to be or not. if you keep taking it, you will fruit just like the mushroom itself. bitter and astringent flavors lead to tonifying effects.

chaga – the king of the tonic herbs, this has a massive antioxidant content and the power to fight cancerous cells. we use both whole and extract, always organic.

lions mane – another great wood mushroom capable of battling serious ailments. the extract we use has worlds of flavor and amazing medicinal effects.

cordyceps – a mushroom that grows on dead insects, this tonic herb is a massive mover of chi. if you want stamina and clarity, get ready for a ride. the extract we use also sort of taste like peanut butter.

san diego salt – have you heard of solar rain? can you believe these guys are harvesting water and salt right off the southern california coast?! if that isn’t reason enough to support them then the intense ocean flavor it imparts on anything is.